The 2016 Pharmacy Awards continues the tradition of rewarding people who give patients or customers a great result. We are looking for those types who say ‘I wonder if’ or ‘let’s give this a try’. We are hunting down teams who know that staff training makes a big difference or are really listening, and responding, to the heartbeat of their community. We know that health businesses need to be sustainable. We will continue to celebrate those who have commercial success, because we believe that better health outcomes don’t have to be at the expense of business outcomes.

Working with the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand we have introduced two new awards to reward some of the behaviours that we see will be essential to your future success.  We will focus on and celebrate Maori aspirations to become healthier and live longer. Thanks to PRISM for their efforts in kicking off the Te Hapai Hauora award and their sponsorship. We will also celebrate those who are working to help people make better decisions about their own healthcare. Our Aspen and Pamol Self Care Award is looking for those who might be nipping health problems in the bud. Maybe it involves technology that improves your relationship with other providers or the patient, health literacy or healthcare navigation? The field is wide open.

Step up pharmacy. Step up into the limelight. Pharmacy Today is proud to report on your progress.

Anna Mickell General Manager, The Health Media Limited

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand is again honoured and excited to be hosting the Pharmacy Awards in 2016 alongside Pharmacy Today. Following the success of the 2015 awards, we plan to make the upcoming awards bigger and better, providing an even greater platform for you and your teams to be recognised on.While the pharmacy sector has been turbulent over the past few years, it is inspiring to see commitment to professional healthcare, service to patients, and contribution to the profession prevail through this. This is a testament to the character and dedication of pharmacists and pharmacy staff around the country and we encourage you to showcase the exceptional work you and your colleagues are doing for your patients by entering the 2016 Pharmacy Awards. Every year the nominations received demonstrate the value of pharmacy and just how much the pharmacy sector is evolving and adapting to the ever changing health environment. Through the awards a range of outstanding services are acknowledged and it is our desire to see these services being embedded throughout the pharmacy sector in everyday practice.

Consider the value that your pharmacy provides to your community and how others can benefit from your learnings and expertise. Put yourself and your team forward this coming year and join us in celebrating our vibrant and innovative profession.

Ken Orr, on behalf of the Pharmacy Guild Board


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